Early Stage Researchers' Outcomes

ESR Denomination
Conference Contribution
Pietro Emiliani (ESR10) DC grid interface converter based on Three-phase isolated matrix topology with phase-shift modulation
Pietro Emiliani (ESR10) Reactive Power Control for Bidirectional Isolated High-Frequency Link Converter
Mohammadreza Azizi (ESR05) Comparative Evaluation of Isolated dc-dc Converters for Low Power Applications
Mykola Lukianov (ESR06) Feature of Solar Radiation Forecast Services Use for Solar Plants
Pietro Emiliani (ESR10) Black Start and Fault Tolerant Operation of Isolated Matrix Converter for dc Microgrids
Pietro Emiliani (ESR10) Digital Control of PFC Rectifier with Combined Feedforward and PI Regulator
Gabriele Arena (ESR08) Comparison of Four-Switch Buck-Boost and Dual Active Bridge Converter for DC Microgrid Applications
Gabriele Arena (ESR08) Accuracy Analysis of Dual Active Bridge Simulations under Different Integration Methods
Journal Publication
Mykola Lukianov (ESR06) Power Converter Solutions for Industrial PV Applications—A Review
Gabriele Arena (ESR08) Best Student Contest Award of 2022 AEIT International Annual Conference
Dissemination Activity
Mykola Lukianov (ESR06) Hybrid distribution transformer with MV side control and DC bus for connecting an EV charger